Risk to Bloom

Tammy Devine is excited to share her passion for health, healing and wholeness.  She is a leader in whole person well-being and continues to live out her call of walking with God’s people as a retreat leader, consultant and coach (ICF). She served as the ELCA Wellness Manager with Portico Benefit Services.  Devine joined Clergy…


This blog thread is for us to discuss issues of concern, new resources found, questions, whatever your heart desires. Since I am new at working on this blog, I am wondering if you are having any difficulties in accessing or working on the blog. Please let me know and we will figure things out together….

Starting Up

This is a great place to share forms, guidelines, and new ideas!

Liability Insurance

We have received several questions as to whether your church purchases liability insurance for your faith practice, and whether you carry your own malpractice insurance?  Please provide your information to share!

Favorite Prayer

We have been asked to share favorite prayers with one another!  Please add your favorite prayer.

Stellar Stars!!!

We know that each of us has projects that we have been working on…and now is the time to shine and share your wisdom and experience with our group!  We don’t want to “reinvent the wheel” and we know how important it is to share our time and talents in faith!


What challenges are you having?  Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?  We are not alone!  We are sharing our ideas to help each other.  Identify your challenges and add possible suggestions to the challenges other Parish Nurses/Faith Community Nurses are facing.  God’s Blessings to all!