500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation

Let us know how you are celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation!  Martin Luther, an Augustine monk, posted the “Ninety-five Theses” to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517. ELCA’s theme is “Freed and Renewed in Christ: 500 Years of God’s Grace in Action.”

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  1. Carol DeSchepper says:

    I am looking for a curriculum or outline focused on orientation of lay parishioners who will start doing visitation ministry. Does anyone have a format or content, or method to deliver content?


  2. H. Marie Wiegert says:

    I found a guidebook that you can download. Are the lay parishioners also going to offer Communion?
    http://www.susanjvitucci.com/writing/Writing…..DOROT_F_V_Guidebook pdf
    This may give you some ideas that you could use for your situation.


    1. Carol DeSchepper says:

      Thanks, Marie. This site is temporarily unavailable, but I will check back.


  3. Sondra Weinzierl says:

    Carol, I have developed guidelines and an orientation for my congregational care visitors. I go over the guidelines and orientation on
    a one:one basis and try to review it with them on an annual basis. Would that be helpful?


    1. Carol DeSchepper says:

      That would be helpful, if you don’t mind sharing. You can email it to me at cjdeschepper@gmail.com


  4. June Sand says:

    The Communication Committee of the ELPNA is working diligently on the web site. Do you have ideas for us to use on a members only page? We would like a special page to reach out to our membership and want to include items that would be helpful. Looking forward to the groups comments.


  5. Brenda Bauer says:

    I use a program from Resource Ministry called “Ministry to the Homebound”. I also utilize for the part on grief and dying ministry the program from Resource called “Being a Grief Helper”


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