What challenges are you having?  Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?  We are not alone!  We are sharing our ideas to help each other.  Identify your challenges and add possible suggestions to the challenges other Parish Nurses/Faith Community Nurses are facing.  God’s Blessings to all!

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  1. pbelpna says:

    The challenge is to get a system in place to notify others when a new post has been added. So if anyone gets notified, let me know!! I checked the box below that says to notify me of new comments. See if this works,


    1. Barb K says:

      I received your comment.



  2. Phyllis Bruce says:

    Another challenge is to get more parish nurses involved in this blog. What are your suggestions?? We need your help.


  3. Phyllis Bruce says:

    Does anyone have a Lenten challenge they are doing in the congregations that involves exercise and spiritual practices? If so, would you share it with other here?


  4. Phyllis bruce says:

    We should think about adding some information about documentation on the web site. Would Avera be willing to have us put in a link to this system?


    1. Carol DeSchepper says:

      They would have to deal with requests on a one by one basis, Phyllis. It’s an easy system to use, but getting access set up for a given parish nurse takes planning and assuring security is in place for both the PN and for Avera’s system.


  5. Carol DeSchepper says:

    When I was at Avera we developed a web based documentation system. Its very easy to use. I can see if Avera would be willing to let others consider using the system, if you are interested.


  6. Sondra Weinzierl says:

    Many of us, from what I hear, struggle with documentation of our visits. The revised FCN Foundations Course is clear about our responsibility as professional nurses to document, preferably with standardized methods. While there are documentation programs that can be purchased, many of our churches don’t have the resources to pay for those systems or feel uneasy using them. Would other Parish Nurses share how they deal with this challenge? Any forms you use that have worked particularly well? How do you feel about NIC,NOC and NANDA and using those methods in your practice? What are your challenges with documentation?


    1. Barb Keil says:

      I visited with a salaried part time Parish nurse at a Presbyterian Church. She has an Excel spreadsheet to track what she does and who she visits. She has to provide the Council annual updates of what she is doing to earn her pay. She is not a member of the church she works for.
      She uses a facility computer.


      1. pbelpna says:

        I know this is a very late reply, but better late than never. Just wondering if you could ask this person if she would be willing to hare her Excel spreadsheet and allow it to be posted on our web site. Would you ask her/


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