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  1. Carol DeSchepper says:

    This is not a favorite prayer, but i encourage us all to be in prayer for the Westberg Symposium and those traveling to it. As you know, the event is April 8-10 in Memphis. ELPNA leaders will host the Lutheran denominational meeting and will have a display booth.


  2. Phyllis Bruce says:

    A prayer I have read many times as I’m visiting is the following by Deborah Patterson, from her book, Healing Words for Healing People: “Loving and tender God, touch my heart with hope, touch my mind with clarity, touch my soul with peace, and touch my body with the warmth of your healing presence.
    Grant me courage to face the future, insight to understand life’s trials, wisdom to discern how I can touch the lives of others, and the comfort of people who are about me as I reach for your loving hands. In Jesus Name, Amen”
    When praying with others, I just adapt it to the second person instead of as it is written in first person.
    Her book is a must for your Parish Nurse library!


  3. Phyllis bruce says:

    We are wondering if there are things that you feel may be missing from our web site. We would appreciate it greatly if we could have discussion about what would be most helpful to you on this web site. Would you like to have a “Members Only” page? Would you like more information about how to set up a Health Ministry Program at your church? These are just some examples, we really want to know what you think.


  4. Phyllis bruce says:

    It is our intention to keep this web site updated frequently. Because of this, it important to check it out at least monthly or even weekly. The most frequently updated pages are the sections: For Parish Nurses, National Information, Regional pages, and Research. A meaningful monthly devotion can be found under Spiritual Development in the For Parish Nurse Section. If you have information about resources, workshops, or things you are doing in your parish, please send them to Phyllis Bruce, pbceilidhdancer10@gmail.com.


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