Stellar Stars!!!

We know that each of us has projects that we have been working on…and now is the time to shine and share your wisdom and experience with our group!  We don’t want to “reinvent the wheel” and we know how important it is to share our time and talents in faith!

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  1. Phyllis Bruce says:

    Congratulations and well done Ruth!!

    Partner Spotlight: Ruth Manchester, Saint Luke Lutheran Church
    Hunger Ministry Offers Classes on Nutrition to Foster Healthy Eating

    Helping families who need food assistance has been a longtime ministry at Saint Luke Lutheran Church, Silver Spring, Md., where Ruth Manchester has served as a faith community nurse since 2001. The church has a food pantry that is kept stocked through generous donations of food—as well as a steady stream of contributions to buy food—and staffed by volunteers of all ages. Understanding that healthy eating—not just food alone—would benefit families the most, Ruth utilized a grant from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) to offer nutrition classes to Spanish-speaking parents who come to the pantry. Ruth held the sessions during Bible School so that parents could join their children on a bus that was provided to bring the children from the Langley Park, Md., area to the church. Fourteen adults attended the classes, which were taught by a University of Maryland extension agent. Instruction focused on how to cook nutritious, low-cost meals, particularly using the items in the food bags provided by the pantry. As an added incentive, participants received grocery store gift cards (including a bonus gift card if they had perfect attendance) funded by the ELCA grant. Ruth plans to offer another class for English-speaking parents in the fall.

    In addition to playing a very active role in the beginning years of the Holy Cross Faith Community Nurse Program as a member of the initial Parish Nurse Task Force, Ruth Manchester served as a faith community nurse coordinator during the program’s growth years.


  2. Cindy Ira-Smith says:

    I will be starting the ‘Walking to the Cross’ Lenten Journey at American Lutheran Church in Worthington, MN. SO far I have about 15 participants. I plan on having weekly check-in meetings to check on everyone’s progress, offer a devotion for the week ahead, and from the ‘Seasoning Lent’ book, there will be healthy recipes for the participants.


  3. Phyllis bruce says:

    There is a very good Lenten Journey project listed on this web site. Find it in the For Parish Nurse section under Tools. Lent is coming soon.


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