Liability Insurance

risk_red_stacked_blocks_300_nwmWe have received several questions as to whether your church purchases liability insurance for your faith practice, and whether you carry your own malpractice insurance?  Please provide your information to share!

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  1. LesRice says:

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  2. Jill Stewart says:

    I have always carried my own liability Insurance- I use NSO (Nurses Service Organization).


  3. nancy roberts says:

    I have always purchased my own liability insurance through NSO. Some of the volunteer parish nurses in our group have umbrella coverage under the church they serve due to their volunteer status. There are many professional insurance sources and I have been happy with my choice. The key is that all should have some type of liabitily insurance.


  4. Carolyn Crowe says:

    I, too, have used NSO (Nurses Service Organization) for many years. Coverage is for $1,000,000 each claim; $6,000,000 aggregate. As an FCN, I needed to add “Consulting Services” to my medical specialty. Annual cost is currently $134.00.



  5. Nancy L Deetz says:

    The “Parish Nurse” is identified as a covered person on the insurance policy at my church with 1 mil/6 mil coverage. Check with your church administrator or treasurer.


  6. Carol DeSchepper says:

    I also get insurance through NSO. It’s good insurance and very cost effective. ELPNA does not endorse an insurance product for nurses. There may be other options available.


  7. Nancy Deetz says:

    I am covered through our church liability: specifically the “parish nurse” is named.


  8. Lois Plato says:

    I purchase my own insurance through NSO and receive a discount as I am now retired.


  9. Constance M Seltz says:

    I carry my own liability insurance, because should I be personally sued, I want to be certain that I have the sole attention of an insurance company. Likely the church’s umbrella insurer will have additional interests to limit the church’s liability.


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