Starting Up

We want to help all of those who are starting up a Parish Nurse/Faith Community Nurse or Health Ministry practice.  Please share your recommendations and “lessons learned” in your practice!

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  1. pbelpna says:

    Does anyone have a Congregational Needs Assessment tool that you have used and found helpful? We could post these on our web site.


    1. Carol DeSchepper says:

      I have some samples that i could email to you, Phyllis, I’m sure others might have some they have used too. .


  2. Yvette says:

    Initial steps for Starting Up would include discussing the potential program with your church leader. It is often best to have something that you can hand to them, identifying the roles of the PN/FCN and some of the potential programs that can be offered. Carrying the Faith Community Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice (3rd ed) with you and opening it to page 2 to identify the major functions…Health Education, Counseling, Referrals, Advocacy, with the incorporation of Prayer/Spiritual Support, Presence, and Active Listening to prevent disease and promote higher levels of health with a focus on vulnerable populations, including our aging society.

    Most congregations now have computerized membership programs. These programs are able to provide you with generalized information, including congregant age, gender, and education level. Your Public Health Department will have specific information concerning the risks for individuals residing in your county and the Public Health Department is a wonderful resource for education and referrals.

    Start a local and county (regional) resource list, identifying the requirements, services, and types of programs available.

    Some of the programs being offered within congregations include health education (with an article in the newsletter and brief pearls of information in the bulletins); Healthy Heart (including information on risk factors, hypertension with blood pressure checks, exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, and healthy sleep habits) which is often an initial program to be developed due to the risks of hypertension and the scope of health promotion programs (posters, speakers, education sessions, brochures, etc).

    A Congregation Needs Assessment is a wonderful tool, and a means of identifying other members who could assist with a Health Ministry, but it may not be needed initially!

    What other items have been beneficial for you? What types of things are you having difficulty with?

    Wishes for peace and joy,


  3. Carol DeSchepper says:

    Is there someone who could allow you to put a locked file cabinet in their office or another relatively secure location? Carol


    1. Barb Keil says:

      Hello Carol, Right now I am still in the startup phase so I don’t have any records. When I have a BP clinic I send the cards along with the person.


  4. Barb Keil says:

    Any suggestions or clever solutions to finding private space in church for Parish nurse work when there is no extra office space? I currently have a cupboard over the coat rack. Needless to say I carry most supplies and equipment back and forth from home.


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